Another lorry fails to make The Cut

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Another lorry fails to make The Cut thumbnail The Cut in Banbridge town centre claimed another lorry last week, causing damage to its roof.

TAKING its name literally, a Banbridge town centre bridge has claimed another lorry's roof.

Last week a delivery vehicle hit the low bridge known as 'The Cut' as the driver tried to drive under it.

This is the third time in seven months that a lorry has become stuck under the 19th-century stone bridge.

On Tuesday (30 May) PSNI Banbridge posted a photo of the damage with the caption 'looks like we are going to need a bigger sign. The Cut 3, Lorries 0'.

They added: "Usually people exaggerate their height, not think they are smaller".

However, while the name of the bridge may lead to some humorous retorts, there is a serious undertone here, as those businesses affected are out the cost of having to repair or replace the vehicles damaged.

In November a prison service van hit the bridge and lost its roof, while the next day a second delivery lorry became stuck under the bridge .

At the time, officers used the image as a warning to drivers of other high-sided vehicles advising them to know the height and dimensions of their lorries before passing under bridges.

In the wake of the most recent incident there have been calls for more to be done to alert lorry drivers of the low bridge.

"I would be calling for more signage, there has definitely been an increase in this," said Councillor Paul Greenfield.

The DUP councillor said he does not remember this happening "for years before this" and said it seems to be "happening more and more ".

"Perhaps with the new roads or layouts it has been made more difficult to see the signage, but it is definitely something that needs looked at, as something serious could happen and there could be a fatality," he said.

He said there is a sign on the bridge but "at that stage it's too late".

"Drivers see that sign and then say they will maybe chance it. I would call on the department to have a review of the signage for this bridge." However others believe there is little more that the Department of Infrastructure can do.

"I think a commonsense approach is needed from the lorry drivers," said Councillor Kevin Sava ge.

"I do not know why they would go under the bridge when they are able to go around it. I do not think it is about time-saving either, if it was they could go around the town.

"I do not think there is much more the department could do, better signage perhaps, but I do not think there is any need for works to the bridge itself," he said.

He believed the department is "limited in what they can do".

"There is a similar bridge in Antrim and it does not seem to cause the same difficulty," he said.

"But perhaps a bit better signage would be appropriate before they reach the bridge. The lorries are equipped now with sat nav and perhaps it is also people who are unfamiliar with the area.

"I do think there is a commonsense approach needed from the lorry drivers, there has been plenty of publicity about this." A spokesperson for the Department of Infrastructure said: "There are signs on all approaches to the bridge and on the bridge itself.

"The department has received no complaints regarding this bridge and its height."


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