Mumsí split views on abortion law.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Mumsí split views on abortion law. thumbnail Noelle Tracey, who voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment, pictured with her one-year-old daughter Faye Tracey-Kilmurry.

A LOCAL mum who travelled to Dublin to vote in the referendum believes there is a "harder battle ahead to get a vote for Northern Ireland".

Like 66.4 per cent of voters Noelle Tracey voted to overturn the abortion ban in the Republic.

A referendum on Friday resulted in a landslide win for the repeal side and now brings the spotlight on Northern Ireland to discuss abortion rights.

"This is an issue which I feel very passionate about," said Noelle who is originally from Dublin but now lives in Newcastle.

"I voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment, a view I have held for a long time."

Noelle added that for her, the vote was all about "giving women a choice" and that this is simply not a "black and white issue."

Ms Tracey made the two hour journey down to Dublin to use her vote along accompanied by her one year-old daughter.

"The church and the state should be separate. The No vote was clearly stemming from the church's viewpoint and therefore I feel many women were not voting honestly."

Noelle was only 10 when her brother died at just five days old.

"He had a foetal abnormality and watching my mother go through the pain of this was the hardest thing.

"She decided when his life support should be switched off. That was my mother's choice. Back then there were no scans to detect abnormalities in the womb and I feel that today no one has the right to dictate to a pregnant women whether or not they carry their baby to full-term."

Furthermore Noelle added that while she voted Yes, it is none of her business what other women's views are on the abortion issue.

"Up in the north this issue is likely to be a harder battle given the political background and with no government here it is just not fair on the women of Northern Ireland."

Meanwhile, Slieve Croob mum of two Janine Laverty said she felt "very saddened" by the result.

"Not because I don't want women to have the choice but because of the loss of all those beautiful babies," she added.

"It is just another sign of our changing world, our strive for perfection and how our society sees everything as disposable, this now includes people's children."

Castlewellan mother-of-five Colleen Cope said she was "heart-broken" following the outcome.

"Women and children deserve better, they want better, let's give them real support and services and not the violence of abortion," she said.


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