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Joanne Ross


Joanne Ross


A BRIDE decided to leave her wedding gown behind in a guesthouse while on honeymoon - leaving a note explaining why.

Steve and Claire Golemboski-Byrne are used to finding items left behind by guests to their Ballyroney self-catering cottages but never something of such sentimental worth.

“Guests often leave stuff behind intentionally - usually it’s food, small items or maybe boots that they can’t fit in their luggage. Never something like this,” Steve said.

“When we discovered her dress, we were confused but there was a note explaining why.”

The bride Marianne Cowell from Vermont, USA married near the Cliffs of Moher two weeks ago. After travelling Ireland, the newlyweds booked in to spend two nights at Birch Eco Cottage at Lacken Cottage Farm.

In her note, Marianne explains why she left her gown: “I was very blessed to get married in such a beautiful dress and I could never afford it full price and I want to give someone else the same gift. Please share with any new engaged couple you know, otherwise I’d love to donate it for someone”.

Steve has reached out through this paper to ask anyone who would like the dress to get in touch.

“It really is a lovely dress. My wife thinks it’s a size 10. This donation is very much in keeping with our ethos of passing things on and reusing, we firmly believe what goes around, comes around.

“It would be great if this dress had another story to tell. We’d like to know if a reader could make good use of it before we give it to a local charity shop.”

Explaining a little about her gown, the bride Marianne explained: “Growing up my mom always had my sister and I do our school clothes shopping at thrift stores. I’m not ashamed, my mom worked really hard to raise two girls with humility and gratitude no matter what we could or couldn’t afford.

“Up until the day I graduated high school and joined the military I only ever shopped at thrift stores.”

So when shopping for her perfect dress, Marianne was keen to source a keenly priced gown and found one with a recommended price of $3000 but on sale for only $99 “that was how I knew God was literally gifting me the perfect dress”.

“After the most perfect day on the cliffs of Moher at O’Brien’s tower, I was left with a beautiful dress. I knew immediately I wanted to donate it. I hope some beautiful bride gets to experience the same feelings I had no matter how much money she has.

“Oh also, IT HAS POCKETS!”

If you would like to view the dress or for more details, you can contact Steve by email to

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