Rathfriland mum is making a splash with reusable water balloons!

Mum-of-four Lisa Graham speaks about her eco-friendly alternative to a summer favourite

Rathfriland mum is making a splash with reusable water balloons!

Rathfriland woman Lisa Graham says she has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from her reusable water balloons, not least from her own children.

Tammy-Lee Walsh


Tammy-Lee Walsh



A RATHFRILAND woman is selling reusable water balloons for people to enjoy a traditional summer past-time without the mess and environmental repercussions.

Now more than ever, people are conscious of their impact on the environment and are trying to cut down on their use of harmful materials such as plastic and rubber.

Local mum Lisa Graham is providing an eco-friendly alternative to a summer activity that's been popular for generations.

Lisa spoke to The Outlook about what inspired her to starting making the balloons, saying: “I have four water fight loving kids and the mess to clear up after them is always a nightmare.

“I also worried about birds or any wildlife picking the broken balloons up and choking because no matter how much you clean up after the fun, there's always a few bits you missed.”

The balloons have been crocheted by Lisa, using a pattern she found online. They are made from a highly absorbent yarn which can be washed at the end of the day and used all over again.

Lisa also cares a lot about making small changes to her everyday life and lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Even for people out there who aren't particularly concerned with cutting down on non-biodegradable products, the balloons have other benefits.

Lisa explains: “Small bits left behind of normal water balloons can be so harmful for pets and wildlife and not to mention babies and toddlers.

“With the reusable balloons there's also no need to waste time filling them and you can just dunk and throw.”

Since she started selling the balloons on Facebook 'Buy and Sell' groups, Lisa has received an overwhelmingly positive response from people who have tried the product.

She says: “The feedback I have received from my sales have been amazing

“They are perfect for those sunny days when people are maybe still a bit hesitant to be out and about during the Covid pandemic.”

Although the product is for people of all ages, Lisa has heard most feedback from parents who are happy to have a mess-free alternative to regular water balloons.

She adds: “If the kids are happy, then the mummies and daddies are happy too.

“My own kids love playing with them and they know they can cause as much chaos as they like as mummy won't shout about the mess but they don't let me get away scot free!”

If you are interested in trying the reusable water balloons for yourself, you can contact Lisa on Facebook or call her on 07751315568.

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