Threw 11 week old puppy up in the air

Threw 11 week old puppy up in the air

The case was heard at Newry Magistrates' Court.

Staff reporter


Staff reporter


A KILKEEL man who launched an 11-week old cocker spaniel puppy into the air as he was “in a bad mood” has been sentenced.

Tadas Kundrotas, 32, of Grahamville Estate, was charged with two counts of criminal damage and one count each of common assault, disorderly behaviour and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal at Newry Magistrates’ Court.

At approximately 6.30pm on 3 December of last year, police received a report of an ongoing assault at Royal Mews in Kilkeel.

On arriving, the defendant was located sitting in a car on a private driveway with a visible headwound and a bloodied face.

It was alleged by the victim that Kundrotas had called at the door of a neighbouring address and when this went unanswered he became irate, shouting in the street.

The victim’s 11-week-old cocker spaniel puppy got loose and ran towards the defendant. He picked the puppy up and launched it into the air, causing it to land heavily on the tarmac road, with the spaniel making its way back to the victim whimpering, the court was told.

When the victim challenged the defendant about this, it is alleged he was pushed and punched on the left side of his face.

The victim retaliated and the defendant retreated back towards his car, where he lifted a wheel brace from the boot and threw it at a Citroen Berlingo van belonging to the victim, which caused damage to a rear light.

He was arrested for the offences and taken to Daisy Hill Hospital for his head injury, which was reported to have occurred while he was detained to the ground by the victim.

Whilst in hospital, the defendant became increasingly agitated at having to wait for treatment and began to shout and swear.

He was warned a number of times about his behaviour by both police and hospital staff but continued to behave in a disorderly manner, culminating in him punching a clock on the wall of the hospital and smashing it to pieces.

He was subsequently interviewed where he stated “everything was okay”, that he had gone to a friends’ house, saw that he wasn’t there and left before “it all started the way you said, the way it’s all written down.”

When asked why he was in Royal Mews, he explained his acquaintance lives there and claimed he doesn’t remember anything regarding the puppy.

The court heard the defendant was “in a bad mood that day” and that he now accepted assaulting the victim and going to retrieve the wheel brace from his car.

“As abhorrent as his behaviour was on this particular date, it appears to be out of character on his part,” a counsel for Kundrotas told the court.

“He is someone that’s been in this jurisdiction for five years, is in full time employment and has a perfect working record. In fact, he hasn’t even missed a day since he has been in Northern Ireland.”

District Judge Eamonn King, addressing the defendant via an interpreter said: “The best thing he can do is to stay in work for as long as he can.”

Kundrotas was sentenced to six months in custody in respect of each criminal damage, five months for disorderly behaviour and five months for causing unnecessary suffering to animals, all of which were suspended for two years.

He was also ordered to pay the hospital £7.99 in compensation for the broken clock and £150 to the owner of the van to repair the damaged light.

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