'R' driver caught speeding at 94mph

'R' driver caught speeding at 94mph

The case was heard at Newry Magistrates' Court.

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Staff reporter



POINTS have been endorsed onto the licence of a Kilkeel ‘R’ driver caught speeding at more than twice the legal limit.

Ellie Killen, 19, of Drummanmore Road, was charged with being an ‘R’ driver exceeding 45 miles per hour and driving without due care and attention at Newry Magistrates' Court.

At about 3.20pm on 14 January, the defendant’s Volkswagen Golf vehicle was stopped along the Warrenpoint dual carriageway after it was detected travelling at 94 miles per hour in a 70 miles per hour zone.

The court heard that Killen passed her driving test on 12 May 2021, restricting her to a maximum of 45 miles per hour for the first 12 months, thus being 49 miles per hour in excess on the date in question.

A defence counsel for Killen told the court she is currently on placement in Belfast, going back and forward for her studies and that she has an otherwise clear record.

Addressing Miss Killen, who was in attendance at court along with her parents, District Judge Eamon King said: “The last thing your mum and dad would want is to be hearing from a police officer that their daughter is either seriously injured or deceased as a result of an accident, caused by a car they have bought for her.

“All young people seem to be in a hurry and can’t live their lives fast enough,” he added.

“It doesn’t do you any harm on some occasions to stop and reflect and wonder, why have I got to go so fast? But for the grace for God, you are standing here today,” continued Judge King.

“The reason the state asks young people when they pass their test to put a big ‘R’ on the windscreen of their car is to make other motorists aware they are confronting an inexperienced driver and to be vigilant and alive to that.

“If I had been standing at the side of the road and had seen an ‘R’ driver going past me at that speed, I would have been onto the police right away. People would say I’m a snitch for doing that but I would say I’m a responsible citizen,” he said.

“Because there are far too many road traffic accidents and a vast majority of them are young people, who with airbags all around them, think that they’re invincible.

“You are an industrious, intelligent and productive young lady and I hope your appearance today will serve as a lesson to you.”

Choosing not to disqualify the defendant, Judge King endorsed her licence with five penalty points, imposing fines of £150 for careless driving and £100 in respect of exceeding 45 miles per hour, as well as a £15 offender levy.

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